Quick Reference Horse Colour Heterozygous Homozygous Double Homozygous BLACK (Black) Ee EE - Grulla (Black+Dun) EeaaDd EEaaDd or EeaaDD EEaaDD Smoky Black (Black+Cream) EeaaCRcr EEaaCRcr - Smoky Cream (Black+2 Creams) - EeaaCRCR EEaaCRCR Classic Champagne (Black+Champagne) EeaaCHch EEaaCHch or EeaaCHCH EEaaCHCH Chocolate Silver (Black+Silver) EeaaZz EEaaZz or EeaaZZ EEaaZZ Blue Roan (Black+Roan) EeaaRNrn EEaaRNrn or EeaaRNRN EEaaRNRN SORREL (Red) ee   - - Red Dun (Red+Dun) eeDd eeDD - Palomino (Red+Cream) eeCRcr - - Cremello (Red+2 Creams) - eeCRCR - Gold Champagne (Red+Champagne) eeCHch eeCHCH - Flaxen Sorrel (Red+2 recessive Flaxen) - eeff - Red Roan (Red+Roan) eeRNrn eeRNRN - BAY (Black+Agouti) EeAa EEAa or EeAA EEAA Classic Dun (Bay+Dun) EeAaDd EEAaDd, EeAADd or EeAaDD EEAADd, EEAaDD or EeAADD Buckskin (Bay+Cream) EeAaCRcr EEAaCRcr, EeAACRcr EEAACRcr Perlino (Bay+2 Creams) - - EEAaCRCR or EeAACRCR Amber Champagne (Bay+Champagne) EeAaCHch EEAaCHch, EeAACHch, EeAaCHCH EEAaCHCH, EEAACHch, EeAACHCH Bay Silver (Bay+Silver) EeAaZz EEAaZz, EeAAZz, or EeAaZZ EEAAZz, EEAaZZ or EEAaZZ Bay Roan (Bay+Roan) EeAaRNrn EEAaRNrn, EeAARNrn, EeAaRNRN EEAaRNRN, EEAARNrn,EeAARNRN SEAL BROWN (Black+At) EeAta EEAta or EeAtAt - Mouse Dun (Seal Brown+Dun) EeAtaDd EEAtaDd, EeAtAtDd or EeAtaDD EEAtaDD, EEAtAtDd or EeAtAtDD Sable Champagne (Seal Brown+Cham.) EeAtaCHch EEAtaCHch, EeAtAtCHch, EeAtaCHCH EEAtAtCHch, EEAtaCHCH or EeAtAtCHCH Brown Silver (Seal Brown+Silver) EeAtaZz EEAtaZz, EeAtAtZz or EeAtaZZ EEAtAtZz, EEAtaZZ or EeAtAtZZ Seal Brown Roan (Seal Brown+Roan) EeAtaRNrn EEAtaRNrn, EeAtAtRNrn, EeAtaRNRN EEAtAtRNrn, EEAtaRNRN or EeAtAtRNRN Coat Colours Combination Common Alternative Names Smoky Grulla (correct name) Black+Cream+Dun Silver or Silvery Grulla (unrelated to Silver gene) Classic Champagne Dun Black+Champagne+Dun Champagne Grulla Black Silver Dun Black+Silver+Dun True Silver(Z) Grulla, Silver Dapple Grulla Chocolate Silver Black+Silver Taffy/Flaxen, Silver Dapple, Black Silver Grulla (various shades) Black+Dun Grullo, Black Dun, White Grulla, Silver Grulla, Silvery Grulla, Lilac Dun, Lobo Dun, Blue Dun, Olive Dun, Light Slate Grulla (also Med & Dark), Silver Dun, Chocolate Dun
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Coat Colour Combinations With a few exceptions, all of the aforementioned dilutes and white patterns can exist in combination with each other; producing some unique, beautifully coloured horses. Thus we get things like Classic Champagne Dun; Amber Cream Champagne; Grulla Roan; and many others. When you consider that AQHA registers yearly 5% and less quarter horses as Blue Roan, Grulla, and other rare colours, it makes you realize that horses with combinations of colour genes are very special indeed! Coat Calculators For those of you interested in seeing different coat colour combinations, this Link will take you to the popular Animal Genetics’ Coat Color Calculator:  https://animalgenetics.com/horse-coat-color-calculator/ If you want to include Seal Brown (At) and/or get a nice visual example of a horse’s colour, try this one (although it does not add up all the percentages like the Animal Genetics calculator does): http://colorgenetics.info/equine/foal-coat-color-calculator  Another one that gives you a visual representation of different colour gene combinations is Jennifer Hoffman’s Visual Coat Calculator, here:  http://www.jenniferhoffman.net/horse/horse-color-genetics.html#0000200000
Equine Colour Genetics
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DNA Testing for Coat Colour For those of you who would like to get your horse DNA tested to see what his/her true colour is (and also for genetic disorders), hair samples can be sent to these laboratories at reasonable cost: UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory: http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/horse.php Animal Genetics: https://www.animalgenetics.us/Equine/Equine_Index.asp Note: The above agencies do not test for Seal Brown (At); results will show as ‘A’ (regular Agouti). The test for ‘At’ specifically (performed by PetDNA Services), was declared invalid. Everyone has their own opinion on why this happened.