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A showcase of Prairie Silver foals born in 2016...
Jetsmokin Dude (Grulla Colt)   Sire: Cross Bar Ozzie  Dam: Moon River Legend
Jetsmokin Legend (Amber Champagne Colt)  Sire: Cross Bar Ozzie  Dam: Dreamin Of A Legend
Miss Valentine Heir (Blue Roan Filly)   Sire: RS Stylin Tarvr Heir  Dam: Miss Indigo Quincy
Prairie Silver Chex (Brown Silver Dapple Filly)   Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Big Chex Cola 
Tarvr Blue Hayes  (Blue Roan Colt)  Sire: RS Stylin Tarvr Heir  Dam: Berry Blue Doll 
Champs Hancock Penny  (Sorrel Filly)  Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: HL Peppy Dryboots
Video taken Aug 31st. Foal is 4 mths old.
Video taken Aug 31st Foal is 3 mths 3 wks old.
Video taken July 24th. Foal is 2 mths 1 wk old.
Video taken Aug 16th Foal is approx 3 mths old.
Video taken Aug 11th. Foal is 2 mths, 1 wk old.
Video taken Aug 11th. Foal is 3 mths old.
Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree
Continental Wright  (Grulla Colt)  Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Wright A Pop Legend
Video taken Aug 31st. Foal is 2 mths 2 wks old
Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree
Sold to Alberta, Canada
Sold to Saskatchewan, Canada
Keeping this big, handsome boy
Sold to British Columbia, Canada
Sold to Yvoir, Belgium
Sold to Indiana, USA
Sold to Saskatchewan, Canada
Chex as a long yearling - Photos courtesy of Davy Champagne of Yvoir, Belgium
Dude as a yearling (August - September, 2017)
Conty as a yearling (August, 2017)
Conty as a 2 yr old (May, 2018)
Conty as a 4 yr old (June, 2020)