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Classy Black Miss
‘Classy’ 2014 Black Eeaa 5 Panel n/n
‘Dasha’ 2014 Grulla Homozygous Black EEaaDd; 5 Panel n/n
Black Magic Show
‘Magic’ 2015 Black Homozygous Black EEaa; 5-Panel n/n
‘Tracks’ 2014 Blue Roan Homozygous Black EEaaRNrn 5-Panel n/n
Private Blue Tracks
‘Windy’ 2014 Grulla Double Homozygous EEaaDD; 5 Panel n/n
Our AQHA mares have been carefully chosen for kind temperament, superior conformation and foundation bloodlines that compliment our stallions...
Classy Black Miss
‘Peppy’ 2017 Brown Silver EeAtaZz; 5 Panel n/n
Mare Prospects...
Prairie Silver Ebony
‘Ebony’ 2019 Black Silver EeaaZz; 5 Panel n/n
Prairie Silver Fae
‘Fae’ 2019 Dun Silver EEAtaDdZz; 5 Panel n/n
The Mares of  Prairie Silver Quarter Horses