Prairie Silver Quarter Horses will have the following foals for sale in 2018...
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All of these foals will be 5 Panel N/N by parentage.  If you have any questions please Contact Us, we’ll be happy to help.
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Blue Roan EEAtaRNrn
Brown Silver EeAtaZz
Blue Roan - EEaaRNrn
HPH Windy Bar Friday
Grulla - EEaaDD
Possible Foal Colours ‘True’ Silver Grulla - 25% Grulla - 25% Brown Silver Dun - 25% Mouse (Brown) Dun - 25%
Possible Foal Colours Blue Roan - 12.5% Black Silver Roan - 12.5% Black Silver - 12.5% Black - 12.5% Brown (At) - 12.5% Brown Silver - 12.5%
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Blue Roan - EEaaRNrn
Possible Foal Colours Blue Roan - 75% Black - 12.5% Brown (At) - 12.5% Guaranteed Homozygous for Black
Foal will be 16.99% Blue Valentine; 14.06% Mr Roan Hancock; 12.5% Rowdy Blue Man; 9.38% Joe Hancock
Blue Roan - EeaaRNrn
Possible Foal Colours Blue Roan - 75% Black - 12.5% Brown (At) - 12.5%
Foal will be 33.98% Blue Valentine;  21.88% Mr Roan Hancock; 17.58% Red Man; 15.63% Mr Roan Hancock; 15.53% Joe Hancock; 12.5% Leo Hancock Hayes
2018 Foals
#1 - BROWN SILVER (DAPPLE) - Born October 24th (2017) - $4500 CAD
Prairie Silver Peppy (pending) Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: HL Peppy Dry Boots
Well, look who came late to the party! We were originally expecting this little girl last spring, but her dam, Boots, obviously had other plans for the summer. However, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see a new Silver (gene) filly peeking out of the stable door.  She’s lively and pretty and bouncing around just fine. We predicted this filly would be built to the hilt when she grows up, and she’s already showing promise of that. Her dam is a tank with a Who’s Who list as long as your arm at the top of her linebreeding stats... Doc Bar, Peppy San, Mr San Peppy, Dry Doc (Poco Lena), all just off her papers. And if you want to see the quality of the foals this filly’s sire (Hancocks Silver Boy) is throwing, just look at her full sister Champs Hancock Penny and half-sibling Prairie Silver Chex on the 2016 Foals page. Foundation percentage: 86.9 %   Colour Genetics: EeAtaZz  5 Panel: N/N
#2 - CLASSIC CHAMPAGNE SILVER COLT - Born November 20th (2017)
Prairie Silver Diamond (pending) Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Rafter K Sugar
‘Classic Champagne Silver?’ you say... yes!  AQHA has confirmed this colt’s colour is the first they have seen. He is a “Classic Silver”, which is Classic Champagne + the Silver gene. Not only that, he is homozygous for Black.  As a stud prospect, he could produce the rarest colours in the AQHA, Classic Champagne or Black Silver (bred to a black mare)... how unique is that! But let’s put colour aside for a minute... this is a big, strong colt, who is the spitting image of his sire at the same age (Hancocks Silver Boy, 15.2+hh). He’s a very friendly colt that is already character plus. He was born the night before temperatures plummeted to an unseasonal -23 C   (-9.4 F) and, wrapped round wih a thick comforter, made it through with flying colours. This colt is a grandson of Jetsmoke N Thunder, 2002 WFQHA World Show Top Ten in Junior Handy Ranch Horse. He boasts Two Eyed Jack through his dam’s line and is also double bred Diamond through both granddams. Foundation percentage: 90.81%   Colour Genetics: EEaaCHchZz   5 Panel: N/N Please note: A decision on whether we will keep this colt or offer him for sale will be made in the spring after he has been weaned.
Prairie Silver Quarter Horses is expecting the following foals in spring of 2018...
Video taken at 5 weeks old
#3 - SILVER (DAPPLE) FILLY - Born December 26th (2017) - Price Pending
Prairie Silver Class (pending) Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Classy Black Miss
Another Silver filly! We are really pleased with this little girl. She’s nicely proportioned, with a very pretty head, and she’s full of life and bounce. She looks to be Brown Silver, with white eyelashes and a plume of a silver tail. Samples will be sent in a couple of weeks to determine her colour genetics. This filly is a granddaughter of Jetsmoke N Thunder on her dam’s side. Jetsmoke N Thunder   was a 2002 WFQHA World Show Top Ten in Junior Handy Ranch Horse, and successfully shown at Jr. Hunter Under Saddle, English Discipline Rail, Western Trail, and Dressage. Foundation percentage: 86.9 %   Colour Genetics: Pending   5 Panel: N/N