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A showcase of Prairie Silver Quarter Horses born in 2019...
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Prairie Silver Fae (Dun Silver Filly)   Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: HPH Peps Drydoc Dash
Prairie Silver Ebony (Black Silver Filly)   Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Classy Black Miss
Pic taken at 5 months old
Dark Chocolate Brown Filly - Born April 18, 2019 - SALE PENDING - See For Sale Page HERE
Private Valentine Sire: RS Stylin Tarvr Heir  Dam: Private Blue Tracks
If your looking for a really nice filly with a sweetheart personality, well-proportioned, pretty head, straight legs and well-shaped feet, then here’s one you should definitely consider. ‘Val’ is an energetic filly that absolutely loves people, coming over for ‘scratches’ as soon as she sees us, meeting us at the gate and following us around the paddock. She’s very smart, halter broke in a minute, jumps in the trailer and picks up her feet like a charm. Val is well bred with her sire at 33.98% Blue Valentine and her dam at 12.5% Blueboy Quincy.  She is 16.99% Blue Valentine; 14.06% Mr Roan Hancock; and 12.5% Rowdy Blue Man. She has two matching hind socks and a small star; she’s Homozygous for Black and eligible for Double Registry at 91.75% Foundation breeding. Expected height at maturity: 15.1 hh. Foundation Percentage: 91.75% Colour Genetics: EEAta 5 Panel: N/N
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Miz Indigo Valentine (Blue Roan Filly)   Sire: RS Stylin Tarvr Heir  Dam: Miss Indigo Quincy
Fridays Champ (Grulla Colt)  Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: HPH Windy Bar Friday
Brown Silver Colt - Born April 27, 2019 - SALE PENDING - See For Sale Page HERE
We have been waiting a long time for this colt, and we’re very happy with Magic’s first foal. This colt is the grandson of the best mare we have ever owned, Big Chex Cola. She was a daughter of Chex My Magic, eight time Champion in cow horse performance events. This colt has inherited his mother’s gentle personality and he has been coming up for attention since the day he was born, just loves being with people. He is 89% Foundation bred, making him eligible for Double Registry. Good performance bloodlines, good mare line, sweetheart personality, and added to all that, he is carrying the rare Silver gene... Foundation percentage: 89% Colour Genetics: EeAtaZz 5 Panel: N/N
Prairie Silver Dude Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Black Magic Show
Pics taken at 5 months old
Pics taken July 31st
Sold to Fox Valley, Saskatchewan
Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree Pedigree
Sold to Brock, Saskatchewan
Miz Indigo as a yearling (2020)
Kept as a mare prospect
Fae as a yearling (2020)
Kept as a mare prospect
Ebony as a yearling (2020)